Jessica Ream was born in Columbus, Ohio early in the year 1990, but was raised in Carolina suburbia. She attended Savannah College of Art and Design where she graduated with honors and a BFA in Painting. A jack-of-all trades artist, she incorporates her knowledge of painting, photography, print, sewing and sculpture into her mixed media, abstract pieces.

In recent years, she has rediscovered her love of hand binding books. While mainly self taught, she was first introduced to the world of book arts in a workshop she attended while studying abroad. Her hand bound journals are made from a mix of traditional materials and rebound, vintage books.

After spending the past five years in the High Rockies of Colorado, she and her husband have returned to their southeastern, coastal origins, where they reside with their son and two, four-legged, furry children.

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I seek emotional catharsis. 

My work is a visual expulsion of my intimate ruminations. Each piece is a visual confession, infused with an unbridled honesty I find paradoxically terrifying and liberating.

I am a painter, a photographer, a printmaker and a seamstress. I am a sculptor and a habitual collector of discarded objects. I am process driven; the physicality of the material capturing my natural curiosity. This child like act of discovery and alteration allows me to speak about what I cannot say audibly and drives me to create. 



2012       BFA Painting, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah GA 

              Magna Cum Laude

2008-10  Studio Art, Columbia College, Columbia SC

Solo Exhibitions

2016        Untitled, Cuppa Joe, Breckenridge CO

2014        ...meanderings..., Wine Down, Columbia SC

2013        Confessions, Wine Down, Columbia SC

Group Exhibitions

2018        Breckenridge Creative Arts Handmade Holiday, Breckenridge, CO      

2017        Transitions, Frisco CO

               Of The Hands Of Man, Our Fingers Frail, Breckenridge CO 

2013        The Pool House Gallery, Columbia SC

               A Lasting Impression, 35 years of Printmaking at Columbia College, 

               Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia SC

               Photography Exhibition, Workshop Theater, Columbia SC

               Open Studio, Pepe Hall, Savannah GA

2012        Open Studio, Pepe Hall, Savannah GA

               my∙o∙pi∙a /is’ ür’ ōpēә/, Savannah GA      

               Oh My Darlin’, Savannah GA

2011         Open Studio, Savannah GA

               Vernissage, Lacoste France

2009        SC State Fair, Columbia SC

Honors and Awards

2018         Artist in Residence, Breckenridge Creative Arts

2017         Poster Design Winner, Breckenridge Music Festival

2010-12    Portfolio Scholarships, Savannah College of Art and Design
2009        Patron Award, South Carolina State Fair

Professional Experience

2017-19   Graphic Designer, Meta Yoga Studio, Breckenridge CO

2019        Mural Work, Lululemon, Breckenridge CO

2015-17   Graphic Designer, Iconix Clothing, Breckenridge CO

2017        Speaker, Breckenridge Arts District

2016        Mural Work, Crossfit Low Oxygen, Frisco CO

2013        Nursery Mural, Personal Residence, Lexington SC

2012        Painting Teacher, Explo, Wellesley College, Wellesley MA

2011        Vernissage Coordinator, Lacoste, France

              Art Teacher, Let’s Make Something, Columbia SC

2009-11   In-house Designer, M&M Tees, Columbia SC